Wise Pick For 29 March



Phyllis Snider Boyer
Hidden within
our outer shells
lie the insecurities
of our youth,
waiting to be held
and comforted.

Kamlesh Bhasin
No matter how old you are,
there’s always
a child in you
to remind you,
of your childhood.

Sherry Greene
As we move through life,
our focus
on our objects of affection
certainly evolves.

Mary S Rogers
Life is all about timing.
A time to love,
a time to grow,
and a time to let go.

Jessica H. Robinson
we’re all still kids
wanting to play.

Jesenia Carnero
Within her lies that little girl
who could love a man
as freely as she loved
her childhood teddy bear


Debby Trunnell
Words shape our thoughts;
we become what we think

Laho Elhidad
Your look doesn’t reflect
your true picture sometime.

Debra Pry
Your children
will always be your heart.
No matter how old they get.
It’s the little things
we never forget.

Sandra Wallace
Children walk
in their parents shadows.

Maria Salud
Parents deed reflect
to their child
and its reflection
would return back
to the parents as well.

Asmiya S
There is no relationship
without a shadow of past

Marcial Rivera
If you really want to know
who someone is
look at their shadow.
How you see yourself
is how other will see you.

Lovelyn Oncio
In the deepest chamber
of a mothers heart
a son will always be
his favorite teddy
beyond years.

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