Wise Pick For 27 July

Topaz Smith

Never go to sleep
without fixing
what is broken.

Sulekha Pande

Patch up before it’s too late,
let your marital bed,
not become a floodgate.

Arlene Larocque Jones

Mending a love
that once was.
Is not easy
when done together
it will be well worth
the effort.

Crista Winterkorn

Everything that
divides us in love
can be stitched back together
with patience and understanding.

Shweta Yadav

Every mistake we can improve,
allowing us make a move;
the differences we can sew,
to live a life completely new.

Sarita Khullar

Let’s bridge the gaps
and sink our differences
to be together for ever.

Sakina Kudrati

a relationship is ruined
it’s very difficult to repair it.
It’s easier to break
a relationship but harder
to mend it.

Monica Mishra

For living happily ever after,
we need to mend our relationships,
by respecting each other’s
flaws and differences.

Barbara Bauer

Mending our differences
so we can be one again.

Jackie De Klerk

A broken relationship
will never recover
if the mending is done
by one.

Janice Sargent

Mending differences
can result in togetherness
and a peaceful night sleep.

Ambika Arora Tiwari

It takes two
to mend the cleft,
for the power of love
is the strongest thread.

Ashish Verma

Let’s sew this
physical pain
and be whole
once again.

Mohamed Ahmed

We will keep fixing
what the time
tears apart together.


Mending together
what we lost.

Maria Tricia Ortega

Let’s mend
our broken hearts
and start our lives anew.

Preethi Raja

A beautiful relationship
is mending of broken pieces
of two purest souls.

Catherina Vincent

Stitching a part of yours
with a part of mine
so we won’t be apart
in our lives.


Stitching away
the distances
for a happy life ahead.


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