Wise Pick For 27 April

Brittany DuVall
Our phones have become
our window
to the world
but in reality,
we’re isolating ourselves.

Felicia Holmes

Peering through a window
into a world
that does not exist.

Ashish Verma 

Confined in the
virtual world
so awfully,
his only dream
is to feel the actuality.

Aarion Moorehead

A prison made of
glass and steel;
we gaze endlessly
at lives that
are not our own.
Addicted to the overwhelming
feeling of false importance;
with the world at our fingertips
we become less traveled
and more consumed
with the erroneous reality,
we call life.

Rinku Shah 

The only justification,
to wait for a notification,
is that
I am lonely,
with friends
on social media only.

Shilpika Bagh 

Wish I could
break ‘free’;
from my social media

Hemali Lakhani Badiyani

Waiting to find real friends
from virtual life,
scroll scroll.

Armando Valdez Javellana 

Exposing yourself
through Facebook is like
opening your Pandora’ s
box to the world.

Anjan Simkhada 

We’re trying to get
beauty in our cell.
But Nowadays
It’s like we are
in the cell of Internet.

Debra Pry 

Technology can take
you places
you’ve never been.
But, don’t let it
take the place of real life.

Michelle Recaido 

On a positive thought,
we can still get in touch
with our loved ones
through social media,
even if it is distance apart.

Rinku Shah 

The mobile was my window
to the world,
Patiently waited as it unfurled.
Virtually I was connected
and in reality- disconnected.

Jessica Young-Lazo

Instead of wasting time
on your phone all day;
throw open your window
and let the
scenery of clouds
and sky enter your room.

Dandillion Jeff 

I’m trapped
in the virtual world.
And I forgot
what kind of feelings
to be in the real world


There is more to world
than your phone.
All waiting to be known.

Beena Baburajan

Windows to the world
at your fingertips.
Gaze in awe
but do not be
dazed by the apps.
Get up and go for it.
Sky is the limit.
This is in your hands,
what you make of it.

Maria Ferns 

When our phone
doesn’t beep
with notification,
we stare at the
phone in isolation.

Asmiya S

In the world
of digitalization
we are all deceived
to dream through
deceptive distractions.

Mamie Zepeda 

There is life
out there live it



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