Wise Pick For 26 September

wise pick 29 sep

wise pick 29 sep1Grace A. Comia
It takes more than a magical ride to make a fairytale love story come true.

wise pick 29 sep2Linda Mansolf
Love based on money will only last as long as the money does

wise pick 29 sep3Bambi Na
Love is enticing
Like magic it’s enchanting
But be careful it’s also deceiving
You’d pay the price
After unveiling

wise pick 29 sep4Mai Quesada
Love can command what seemed to be impossible!
With every available means on hand.
one can do it desperately for a loved one.

wise pick 29 sep5Debra Pry
Take a Magic Carpet Ride into Romance.
And take a chance.
Ride the serendipity of the moon,
And you may land upon the Stars.
Go far and above,
But remember, money can’t buy you, love.

wise pick 29 sep6Rinku Shah
Flying carpets and magical spells,
A place where no one dwells.
All you need is a type and a quick swipe,
An end to the age-old romance hype!

wise pick 29 sep7May Gregorio Demafiles
A love based on wallet’s content is not love at all.

wise pick 29 sep8Felicia Renteria-Holmes
Always look before you leap,
the price you pay may be too steep.

wise pick 29 sep9Monica Mishra
Love built with the foundation of money, won’t last forever

wise pick 29 sep10Nic Freest
“Come with me to the “magical” land of debt and high interest as deep as the desert sands.

wise pick 29 sep11Beena Baburajan
Moon is our witness….
You can be my princess….
Flying free…..
No Visa, No Master…..
Gold is pure magic….
Romantic and Pragmatic…
Get on the golden card blanket ride….
Check the balance so that you may abide.

wise pick 29 sep12Parul Govil Chatterjee
Riding on money,
Meeting my honey,
Can be whimsey,
Unless it is a journey

wise pick 29 sep13Nc Dash
Your Wealth may entice a gullible girl into the love trap, but it wouldn’t long last.

wise pick 29 sep14Carol Downey Dawson
Don’t fall in love with a dreamer, he will leave you every time

wise pick 29 sep15Sarrveshwaran
Sometimes money is like magic carpet.
Gets you high, with you as puppet.
Be careful, when with it, love you call.
For if you lose it, will not love too fall?

wise pick 29 sep16Abegail Turingan
Don’t be fooled by the nice clothes and possessions. Some prince charmings are actually paupers with huge credit card debts.

wise pick 29 sep17Ashish Verma
Money is the fuel of relationships nowadays.

wise pick 29 sep18Kevin
Peace, Love, and MasterCard

wise pick 29 sep19HARSHITA
Essence of love is now being driven by the weight of credit card.

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