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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 26 January. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Felicia Renteria-Holmes
It may hurt one stitch at a time,
but this transformation
will be by my design

Sherry Greene

You need to create
your own wings in order to fly.

Anubha Sharma

Sewing my wings,
one feather at a time.

Dave Johnson

She bore the pain
of the needle’s sting,
to fashion herself
her own set of wings.

Sulekha Pande

So what if the world
has torn your wings and
kept them at bay,
You can stitch new wings
To self and fly away.

De’Angela NewMe Mitchell

She knew all along her potential
but she knew it would hurt first to elevate
When she finally realized
the hurt is what helped her
She stitched her wings up to soar
She’s now READY!

Melissa Deloach

I will choose to grow,
however painful.
For I know my beauty
comes from growth
and growth doesn’t come
without some pain.

Katie Yarham

Stripping myself back..
knowing it’s okay
to patch myself up for the bigger,
brighter more beautiful future..

Mary Kirkpatrick

Symmetry and balance
transform one’s life.
Mimic the butterfly,
soar above strife.

Amrita Raj

I know the agony of falling,
I know what it is to be left behind,
So I will stitch my wings to my back,
I will transform myself, To fly.

Amanda Snow

And so she transformed herself –
With perfect precision
Stitch by stitch
From something broken,
who was afraid to fall;
Into someone brave enough to fly

Shilpika Bagh

Learn to give “wings” to your dreams;
and “live” the life you have imagined.

Wanda Thomson

When your wings have been broken,
be brave enough to know that
all you will ever require is already within you.
Mend those broken wings and fly high.

Rinku Shah

Tired of waiting…
Thinking and debating.
I stitched my own wings,
To see the joy this flight brings!

Angelica Irizarry

Transformation requires new wings
even if the transformation is painful.

Kishneet Kaur

All that is broken can be mended.
All that hurts can be healed.
Not with time, but with intention.

Anjana Surendran

Be it the shuns from around
Be it the array of stabs from around
She never let her dream
To set the flight stream

Phyllis Snider Boyer

Just because it doesn’t come naturally
doesn’t mean you weren’t born to fly.

Joyces Arquillano Oliveros

make your wings,
stand up and fly beautifully


With every struggle she undergoes,
she weaves the pain
into something beautiful.
With every pain, she grows,
and she grows beautifully.

Faith Dunsmuir

may often be painful
but in the end, it’s worth it.

Willow Susak

Sometimes we are reminded that
we have the power
to mend our own wings.

Faith Dunsmuir

With wings of gold
I am free to fly
wherever I choose.

Isaura Islas

Take out those wings
you put away while helping others.
It is time to use them.

Arushi Goel

When the world caged me,
I sew up wings to break free.
For, you see,
constraints can’t bound my conscience.
My mind runs wild
and my heart is untamed.
If I want to fly, no one can stop me.


Be the woman who has the courage
to sew yourself as new!


She remembered who she was
& never let anyone clip her wings again.

Kristen Michele

The wounds and scars
helped me securely stitch on my wings,
and I was no longer afraid to fly.

Let wings be created

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