Wise Pick For 22 July

Wise Pick For 25 July

Richa Thakkar
The one you think you love,
stabs you from behind,

Debra Pry
Stab me with your best shot
because I’ve learned
to flip the switch.
And move past the bullshit.

Ken Dunn
Just because you can’t see it.
doesn’t mean it’s not killing you.

Maria Gonzalez
Numb to betrayal.

Never let smoking heal,
the pain you conceal.
Fight back,
to those who stabbed your back.

Jackie De Klerk
Even after all the stabs
in my back,
I will still light up
and inhale another day.

Sulekha Pande
For every knife,
that stabbed my back,
unperturbed, without a care
I lit one more,
from my pack.

When we endure such backstabs,
our strength builds up in front.

Maria Ferns
Knives on my back,
proved the courage you lacked.
Don’t judge my attitude,
it’s a tribute to your gratitude.

Shanthi Priya
Stabbed by many;
had many heart breaks.
Crying out the pain every night
getting up with hopes
and strength and moving on
because of my responsibilities
which God
has trusted upon me.

Rinku Shah
With every attack on my back,
I decided to blow away
every thought
of why loved ones betray.
Life is such,
don’t think too much.

Devika Jyothi
No knife ever touches
a resolute spirit.

Indira Pant Singh
One day to rise
above the numerous back stabs
and self addicting,
momentary peaceful
inhaling of that cigarette.
One Day!

Sherry Greene
Some people are oblivious
to their own self-destruction.

Kathy Labossiere
Self destructive behavior
may give you relief for the moment
but it will eventually
stab you in the back.

Ammey Zeu Lim
Each cigarette you light up to smoke
is equivalent to a knife
stabbing into killing you.

Having stabs,
on the name of trust by others
shaped you in an armour
of misanthropy.

Cecilia Agostini
They tried to kill our dreams.
They didn’t know
they were making us stronger.

Shawn Reynolds
The knives they placed in my back
have provided a shield
that protects me
from the daggers
and swords they now throw.

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