Wise Pick For 25 April

Jackie McBilello 

Money has no power
in life’s final hour.
You can’t buy or sell and it
won’t save you from hell
and It wont make you whole.
All that you’ll need is
what you carry in your soul.

Debra Pry 

You may acquire a lot in life.
Worldly possessions are left behind.
It’s the love that you give,
that makes life worth living.


When we came,
we had nothing but ourselves.
But when we return to the grave,
why do we take this materialistic crave?

Reena Maria 

The greed for money,
fights for property;
you leave that all behind
when death comes
to knock your door.

Uche Ifeanyi Uchendu 

You don’t take
your riches to the grave.
Make lasting impact
with your resources
while you are still alive.

Patricia Mathieu 

The grim reaper rips you
of all worldly possessions.
Nothing enters the afterlife
except your karma.

Lisa Coverdale Hamm 

You can’t take it with you.
It’s not what you leave
in their hands,
but what you carve
in their hearts.

Vidanelia Bedural Villamor 

With death,
everyone is equal.

Allain Joseph 

Empty -handed you came,
empty-handed you’ll return.

Bill Robinson 

Death is no
respecter of persons.
All your money cannot
another minute buy.

Sandy Jackomis

You can’t buy more time.
So spend it wisely.

Michelle Bercier 

Says the Grim Reaper,
“I am here
to collect your soul.
Please leave a fee
as your punishment”.

Johns Jacobs 

The grim reaper
say to a rich man,
trash that money and follow me.

Robin Cecilia 

All the riches in the world
will not sway the grim reaper
when it is your time.

Tillie Nagel 

When life is lost,
death won’t be kind.
Everything stays behind.

Ivy CL 

When you die,
you have to leave
your earthly greed behind..

Shilpika Bagh 

The way we ‘come’
to this world;
is the way we ‘leave’.

King Wendy 

When your death takes its toll,
all the money you made
will never buy back your soul
because the devil deals
in a different coin.

Nalumu Dianah Kiguli 

All earthly treasures are
trash in the next life!
Let’s work for eternity
not earthly desires.

Wanda Thomson 

In the end,
nothing else will matter
but the love you packed
in your heart.
So love grand.

Fred Newvilla 

For when death comes for you,
even all the riches
in the world can’t bribe it.

Thandwie Quobic Boullion 

Wealth and riches
are absolutely useless.
When it’s time for you to go,
it’s time for you to go.

John Ortiz 

The art of death
is a reflection on
how you lived.

Asmiya S 

Prepare for
your last journey
which will never accept
your money.

Kiara Dervishaj 

Put your belongings
in the trash
and give me your most
valuable thing;
your soul.

Dannielle Roberts

Your treasure is nothing
but trash in the end.

Kamlesh Bhasin 

Wealth earned all our lifetime
will lose it’s significance
on the day of judgment
when our soul’s goodness
will be counted.


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