Wise Pick For 24 April

Shilpika Bagh 

Self ‘caged’;
digitally ‘engaged’.

Jackie McBilello 

We find ourselves
in cages,
never realizing
that we have the key.

Jahed Waheed 

We are captive
of our own thoughts,
living in the prisons
of our own creation.

Dannielle Roberts 

I am a human captive
of modern technology.

Deirdre Ray 

The more advanced
we become,
the more alone we are.

Sandy Jannetta 

New age technology
has had us caged
from ourselves & real life.

Rinku Shah 

Searching for something
in Virtuality;
you caged yourself
away from Reality.

Jessica Young-Lazo 

We must break free
from the iron cage
of this growing,
dehumanising bureaucracy.

Brittany DuVall 

The ‘freedom’ of technology
is an illusion.
We are holding
ourselves captive
without realizing it.

Vyvienne Chamberlain 

The unrecognized
entrapment of technology.

Debby Trunnell 

Searching for enlightenment,
yet caged by deprivation.

Shantel Farber 

We are all caged
in our own little
prison of technology.
We are quite literally
trapped by a screen.

Asmiya S 

Don’t put yourself
in a constraint,
in the name of commitment.

Leonard D. Saladino 

We trap ourselves
with our own devices.

Jigs Ige Atienza 

Digital world
is a detention center
for people
imprisoned online.
Be human.
Live offline.

Gemmer Love Balusan Sacupayo 

The human being
is imprisoned
in the digital world.



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