Wise Pick For 23 April

Donna McCarthy 

Technology has
killed privacy.

Jessica Young-Lazo

Data stored
describing the activities
of billions of people
is a ‘lethal cocktail’
just waiting to be
used by future tyrants
and dictators.

Perla Téllez 

Before cellphones,
privacy had a happy life.

Sherry Greene 

When the phone is alive,
privacy is dead.

Zuza Berczel 

Here lies Privacy.
His death
caused by
smart communication.

Felicia Holmes 

Like a tombstone
among the masses,
our online activity
is on display for all to see.

Rinku Shah 

Your privacy
was always a fallacy.
Now it rests in peace,
so let your anger cease.

Jessica Young-Lazo 

Technology stealing
my privacy
frightens me to death.

Jessica Young-Lazo 

Privacy is dead,
and social media
holds the smoking gun.

Melanie A. Miller 

Bury the devices
at times of struggle
so privacy may
Rest In Peace.

Nalumu Dianah Kiguli 

If you want peace
respect someone’s phone.
It’s a private property;
what ever it contains
belongs to its owner.

Michelle Recaido 

Rest in peace privacy!
We can no longer
have you,
technology through
cellphones and social medias
were the cause of your death.

Brittany DuVall 

We no longer have rights
to privacy;
for it is dead through
the use of cellphones.

Diksha Parihar 

a dying art
from technology.

Sherry Greene

When it comes
to our cellphones,
there’s no such
thing as privacy.

Stalwart Ahmed Olawale 

Death of privacy,
proudly brought
to you by technology.

Ilda Coelho 

Privacy extinction
caused by
a modern technological world.

Sulekha Pande 

We all carry
the tombstones of our privacy.



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