Wise Pick For 21 April

Nancy Shurkoff

We always want
what we can’t have
when we are reminded
of who we used to be.

Ashish Verma

Moment comes
to everyone
but with an expiry.
Enjoy as much as you can
so you don’t regret
when you lose it.

Rinku Shah

They may look different;
the past generation
and the current.
Yet if they sit together.
They have a lot
to learn from each other.

Angie Steen

Life is an adventure.
Appreciate what you have,
accept the differences
of others,
hang on and enjoy the ride.


It’s just hair that he looks at.
It’s just a glimpse
into his past days,
into his memorable moments,
into his young self,
that has gone by
and which shall
never come again.
It’s just hair he looks at,
or is it?

Jessica Young-Lazo

Sometimes the nicest people
you meet have a mohawk
and piercings
and sometimes
the most judgmental people
you meet
go to church on Sundays.

April Camille Berden

We all ride
the same journey of life;
we each have
different ways
on how we do.
never compare
yourself to others.

Bran Darius Valdehueza

The seemingly perfect
figure from the outside
breeds discontent
from the inside.
You cant have it all.

Jessica Young-Lazo

Enjoy your youth
while you still can;
before you know it
you will have
all these responsibilities.

Debra Pry

Hold on to the moments,
They don’t last forever.

Joseph Nicko Tanchuan Hiñosa

Our days are numbered,
so never spend your time
looking for the happiness
you can actually find
within yourself.

Oril Otares

I may have
what you don’t have
and vice versa
but we both stand
in this circle of life
and cling to God
as we face our own battle.

Shilpika Bagh

You ‘miss’ those youthful days;
when you kept ‘worries’ at bay .

Sherry Greene

will come to you
when you no longer
covet what others possess.

Allain Joseph

Better to have something
you didn’t need,
than to need something
you didn’t have.

Beena Baburajan

The other always
seem to have what you lack.
Do not be so grim,
cut yourself some slack.
Life is a journey,
enjoy the ride.
Kick off the denial
and envy aside.

Sherilyn Campbell

Behind the exterior
we are more
alike than different.

Heidi Joy Capuli Marquez

You’ll never know
the value of
having something
until it becomes a loss.

Jackie De Klerk

When we’re old,
we wish we didn’t do
what we did
when we were young.
It changes us
in the long run.

Linda Mansolf

Don’t fret about the past.
Look toward the future
without regret.

Jordan Clegg

What one man has
and dismisses,
another man desires.

Shaikh Kaneez Fatima

Happy people focus
on what they have.
Unhappy people focus
on what is missing


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