Wise Pick For 20 May

Wise Pick For 20 May

Meyer Ramski
When all you have is time,
you’ll notice
what little time you gave
to what really mattered.

Sayeeda Pearl
From Holocaust
to modern warfare,
it’s the undying love
and faith of the family
that has kept many men alive.

Beena Baburajan
Darkness is always exposed
by the light.
Choose Love and Light!

Louie Bowen
When all you have is time,
you’re left to reflect.

Zalina Hosein
Life has a way of humbling us;
the things we took for granted.

Rinku Shah
My family is far,
as I sit behind the bars.
But love transcends all,
even prison walls!

Debra Pry
Confined by thoughts,
imprisoned by walls.
You can never escape who you are,
and the life you built.
Home is where the heart is.

Shilpika Bagh
The love of your ‘family’
holds you through ‘misery’.

Debra Pry
A prisoner of confinement
but you can never escape yourself.
The moments of the past
may become your last.

Wayne Kelley
Not thinking
what you do beforehand
can leave you
with nothing but regrets.

Marjie Yule Davitt
It takes confinement
for his realignment;
missing them now instead of then.
Your whole world collapsed,
for a moments lapse.

Peggy Stokes
Having family gives you
hope and endurance.

Mai Quesada
Behind the travails of prison,
the thought of family
gives light and hope to life.

James Byrnes
In a prison of darkness
we find light
in the memory of
those we love.

heng R. Cantor
In time of trials and struggles
only the love to your family
gives you the endurance.

Julia Jubee Burruss
Hard times makes you realize
what mattered most in your life.

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