Wise Pick For 20 July

Maria Gonzalez
Peace held off by war.

Nicqelle L Hessick
Violence Turns off Peace.

Sangram Keshari Das
Peace comes
at the sacrifice
of innocent souls.

Sujit Das
Sometimes ‘Peace’
has to sacrifice itself
to demolish the terror.

Sulekha Pande
War and peace,
both reflect,
two sides of a coin.
It’s up to us,
which side we want to join.

Monica Mishra
Peace prevails
in the absence of war.

Tania Santiago Gonzalez
Peace lies on unstable ground.
War can be triggered quickly
leading to misery and chaos.

Rinku Shah
Peace at the cost of war!
This choice is sore,
To have peace and love,
Set free the white dove!

Ashish Verma
It takes just a flip of switch
for destruction of peace.

Kathy Labossiere
In our world of uncertainty
turn “off” all forms on violence
and turn “on” peace.

RJ Nair
Dove a symbol of peace and love
Seems only meant
to be in books though.
Blame humans for their acts,
for they themselves are responsible
for having lesser friends
and more foe’s.

Nancy Shurkoff
The delicate balance
between peace and war
is merely the flip of a switch
away from divinity or destruction.

Shilpika Bagh
Intolerance triggers ‘violence’;
that silences “peace” in life.

Valencia Ferguson
The dove
can only bring in the light
if people stop choosing the fight.

Wayne Kelley
Freedom and Peace
is a very delicate balance.
When it is threatened,
it will be fought for again.

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