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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 20 December. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Frankie Crabtree England
When the thoughts in your mind
become too jumbled to think;
try writing them down on paper
with some ink.

Sherry Greene

Beware of trashy thoughts.

Vyvienne Chamberlain

Screwed up thoughts slowly unfold
into common sense when written down.

Felicia Renteria-Holmes

This frame of mind
needs a rewrite.

Rinku Shah

Sometimes the mind feels
crumpled with thoughts…
Of all sorts.
Put them on paper with sincerity…
For clarity!

Ashish Verma

Unravel your thoughts,
clear your vision
and rewrite to create a masterpiece.

Sauvik Kundu

Decorating your jumbled thoughts
demands calmness.

Phyllis Snider Boyer

Transferring thought into the written word
is difficult when the mind is distorted.

Leta Marie DeMello

Writing unfolds
and releases the chaos of thought,
creating space for a quiet mind.

Shana Pascoe

My confused,
crumpled thoughts
can only flow by pen.

Anjana Surendran

Crumbled thoughts
give away scrambled ideas

Mylene E. Ramos

Your mind is your canvas.
Keep it simple and real.

Bob Dee

Writing it DOWN straightens it UP.

Shilpika Bagh

“Pen down” your thoughts;
“to clear” your mind knots

Akshta Desai

To unfold your mind
You need to let it out

M Jeyaram

Your thoughts,
arisen out of your mind
and sharpened by the nib,
should rewrite the world’s history
and your destiny.

Sandy Rozelman

feed your mind with good stuff
because what’s in there is what comes out.


What cannot be said by words..
can always be expressed on paper..
pour your heart out…

Neetu Daga

Today, I WRITE a chapter
that will make my life RIGHT.

Kufre Stephens

Your thoughts may fade away
but your writings live on


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