Wise Pick For 20 April

Felicia Holmes

Verbal abuse
is just as violent
as physical trauma.
The body interprets it as pain
and will suffer
from the affliction.

Robert Casper Engstrom II

What comes out
of your mouth,
can poison
a child’s mind.

Linda Mansolf

What you say to a child
will always
and forever be remembered.


With each harsh talk,
you push them into the dark.
With each of your scold,
they go cold.
hurt and fear will be unfolded.
In this terrible way,
the child will be molded.

Mocha Out

We steal light
before it has a chance
to illuminate the darkness
because we are
carbon copies
of flawed programming.

Shirley Finley

Your children will believe
what you tell them.
Life is hard enough
without their parents
not believing in them
and not building them up.

Jessica Young-Lazo

Psychological invalidation
is one of the most lethal
forms of emotional abuse.
It kills confidence,
creativity and individuality.

Debra Pry

We are a product
of our environment.
Words are like art.
They mold the character
and glue the foundation
from the star.

Beena Baburajan

Your voice becomes
the child’s internal dialogue.
Make it a positive priority
and not so vaguely rogue.
That can rob the
child of it’s authenticity,
fueled by your egocentric insanity.

Donna Lehigh

Angry words attack
and destroy
a child’s self esteem.

Ashish Verma

Always remember;
the trauma
your child has been suffering
because of you,
will eventually
come back to you,
at the right time.

Rey Corn Car Scal

Each word you utter
shapes the life’s perception
of the listener.
What is said cannot be unsaid.
So be careful with words.

Freya Lim

The invisible hand
of child abuse
can come from your mouth.
Speak the language of love,
not ignorance.

Jessica Young-Lazo

It is easier to build up
a child then
it is to repair an adult.
So think before you speak.
Words can either help
or they can hurt.

Jermaine Kong

When power of words
take over someone’s mind,
it ruins their life.

Soh Wei- Yi Pamela

The young mind
absorbs the emotional baggage
the old mind can’t contain.

Dhiksha Sharma

A complaining tongue
reveals a ungrateful heart.

Ivy CL

Violent words
leave permanent
scars on a child.

Dr-Payal Basera

Speak to a child
with respect and love.
You can’t teach them
respect by being disrespectful.
The imprints of your words
will either inspire
or destroy their tender minds
for a lifetime.
Just like a small plant
needs right environment to bloom,
these little hearts
too need a loving home to blossom.


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