Wise Pick For 19 May

Donna Lehigh

He’s trying to connect
the dots while she’s trying
to fill in the blanks.

Margaret Moro 

She’s easy
to figure out
but the other;

Tom Skye 

Hickory dickory dot,
my husband has
lost the plot.
Down or across or
point to point.
Nothing makes sense
so pass the joint.

Abegail Turingan

His way of establishing
a connection is physical;
her way is mental.
No wonder men and women
find it so hard to connect
with each other.

Ashish Verma

Once you solve
my puzzled mind well,
everything will become
easy as you are.

Maria Ferns

He connected
easily to her physically,
leaving her confused
with his mentality.
Puzzling her with
his mental game, left her
troubled and in pain.

Laura Smith

Work on each other,
put in the effort
to solve the puzzles,
you will get the answers
and understand one another.

Jackie De Klerk

Figure out a
man’s thoughts and
a woman’s whole body,
then you truly are the winner.

Donna McCarthy

She is easily connected
while he was puzzling.


He’s interested in her body
to make her feel complete
and beautiful and
she wants to unravel and
find his deepest thoughts.

Mai Quesada

She is puzzled
with his chaotic mind
and trying to figure it out.
While he traces the
consistency of her character.
Both are in process of
discovering each other yet.

Felicia Holmes

A mismatched pair
and not two of a kind,
he focuses on her body,
while she fixates on his mind.

Shilpika Bagh

She may be ‘easy’
to find but can’t ‘connect’
with a puzzled mind.

Laura Smith

She makes things clear,
he only has to join the dots
but he’s mysterious
and cryptic, a difficult puzzle
to solve.

James Davis

A man must
connect the dots while a
woman fills in the blanks.

Kelly Blackburn

Figuring each other out.
We’re all a puzzle.


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