Wise Pick For 19 April

Linda Mansolf 

The physicality of living
has been lost
in the world of technology.

Phyllis Snider Boyer 

In a world
overrun by technology,
the human touch
is still required.

Rinku Shah 

How long has it been?
Since you last
touched someone’s life
beyond the screen?
Step outside
this virtual shell,
And look up
from your cell!

Felicia Holmes 

The real world
is looking to connect,
but so many are hiding
behind screens.

Maria Ferns 

Searching for love
we are online & hurt
the person who loves to
see us smile.

Ashish Verma 

Technology has captured
people’s warmth
behind screens.

Mary Kirkpatrick 

We are products
of the technological
world’s ingenuity.

Debbie Laughlin 

Humanity is being
replaced by technology.

Nahid Hasan 

Reality is at stake;
the world has
turned into a fake;
with what man
themselves made.

Tony Wright 

Old wisdom bears
no resemblance
to today’s modern ways.

Wanda Thomson 

Touching a person’s
heart and soul,
must be done in real time.
There’s no app for that.

Manong Cuadz 

Connected in our
own realm of reality.


With the growth
of intimacy with tech,
there is a fence
between us humans.

Basudev Chakrabarty 

Search Engines
should not be your goal.
Read Books,
only they touch your soul.

Charlie Castell 

Today we live
in a generation
surrounded by technology
that’s meant to
make us closer together
but it does the exact opposite.


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