Wise Pick For 18 April

Tammy Lynn 

Toxic people
will pull the life
out of you.

Melanie A. Miller 

Energy vampires
will drain you
to your core
until all that’s left
is a mushy shell.

Fathimath Rashid

A beautiful soul
being shredded
by a cold hearted beast.

Faith Dunsmuir 

When I met you
you unraveled
the mess
that I was inside.

Sherry Greene 

You took my happiness.
You did not steal it.
I allowed it.

Shilpika Bagh

When you ‘submit’
to their greed;
they will ‘drain’ you
for their need.

Jackie McBilello 

People will
either deplete you
or replenish you.
Choose wisely.

Victoria Smith

Sometimes sharing your soul
with someone
could mean loosing yourself.
Don’t let them take
all your light.

Chanteile Brown

A narcissist
pulling the life
right out of the person
they say they love.

Faith Dunsmuir

A relationship
with strings attached
is not a relationship
worth having.

JV Torio

Be with someone
who will take away
all your negativity.

Louise Redmon

Never allow
your life supporting energy
to be depleted
by a self serving
egotistic being.

Shantel Farber

Be careful
how much you give
of yourself,
the other person
could very well
just be draining you.

Arlene Cassisa

Some people strain
the soul right out of you.

Armando Valdez Javellana

Dead sea
is someone like you,
who only takes
but never gives.

Kamlesh Bhasin

Do not bow down
and stand numb
in front of a bully,
whose aim is
just to dominate
while ripping you apart.


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