Wise Pick For 16 May

Shilpika Bagh 

Plug in the right
’emotions’; for a
lifelong ‘connection’.

Ludwig Brinkhaus 

We can be positive.
We can be negative.
But I like it
when we are grounded.

Linda Mansolf

you need to unplug
for a while
to reset your connections
in your relationship.

Mary Kirkpatrick 

The power of love
can be found,
when the connection
is firmly ground.

Rinku Shah 

When You and I
are together,
We connect
like no other.

Rinku Shah 

We are a perfect fit
to complete the circuit.

Laura Smith 

When you find
true connection,
you’ll feel the energy.
It’s electrifying.

Shana Pascoe 

Couples who unplug
can be
emotionally recharged
when brought together.

Shweta Yadav 

Individually we are
in dark; united
we spark.

Ashish Verma 

Plug my love
into the socket
of your heart
to keep our spark
alive throughout life.

Debbie Gurriere 

Relationships work best
when both are plugged
into the same life goals.


The right connection
will be the result of
perfect combination and
when that happens,
it will be electrifying.

Ashish Verma 

Be the socket
of my plug
to keep the spark
alive when connect.

Shilpika Bagh 

A ‘mindful’ connection;
sparks a
‘meaningful’ relationship.

Dianna Jacobs

A man and women
plugged into each other
is the light of life
of this world.


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