Wise Pick For 16 April


Nancy Shurkoff 

Cutting the strings
because I’ve found my wings.
A puppet no more;
I’m out the door.

Pam Hanson-Holtry 

I may fall or I may fly,
but at least I will be free.

Phyllis Snider Boyer 

I’ll no longer
dance to your tunes.
Watch me make
my own music.

Ananya Parida 

Break free
on your own accord.
Only you have
the power to defeat,
shatter and subjugate
your shackles.

Jessica Young-Lazo 

This is what manipulators do.
They suck us in
and then they victimize us.
It is time to cut the strings.

Jackie McBilello 

That which
occupies your mind
controls you.
sets you free.

Kristine Jo Kirchner 

If you are being treated
as someone else’s puppet,
cut the strings.
Don’t worry about falling.

Anonemus Liteworker 

Take control
of your own life,
the power is in your hands.

Jeanie Elizabeth

Freedom requires cutting
the strings of attachment.

Danielle Mayall 

Setting myself free
from the hand above.
I will make
my own way in life.

Lee Han 

Life is so much good
to be free.
Never let anyone
control that for you.

Ann Doherty 

Once you realize
the strings are those of control
not love,
it is time to cut them loose
and stand tall and strong.

Ludwig Brinkhaus 

Cut the strings
that make you a puppet.

Jessica Young-Lazo 

We have the ability
to be happy
by simply
cutting the strings.

Aparna Goswami 

Breaking free
from the societal norms
to fly solo
to find the true self.

Robin Hoke 

Cutting the strings of society
in order to reach
their true potential.

Behzad Nikpoor 

If you fear to fall,
you won’t feel free.

Sulekha Pande 

Only you can cut the strings
that stunt your growth.

Emilio Solomon 

Let me go.
I can’t be tied down.
Your control is my misery.
I’m a free spirit
destined to soar.


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