Wise Pick For 15 April

Debbie Gurriere 

While everyone else
waited for a sign,
she alone followed
her gut instinct.

Debra Pry 

Gut instinct
took me places
that I never thought
I would go.

Ashish Verma 

Choose your own trail
and stay jovial.

Donna Lehigh 

Gut instinct gets
a big thumbs up!

Rinku Shah 

Don’t get into a rut,
Follow your gut.
Be happy and lead the way.
Let others stay.

Jackie De Klerk 

When you follow the crowd,
unhappiness and stagnation awaits.
When you follow
your instincts,
dawn of happiness
and evolution awaits.

Pam Hanson-Holtry 

The only sign of approval
you need
comes from within.

Sherilyn Campbell 

Don’t be afraid to stand out
from the crowd.
Follow your gut instincts.

Glenn Kietzmann 

My stomach tells me
to be happy
and move forward.

Vyvienne Chamberlain 

Intuition or gut instinct
usually leads you
into the light
and sets you
apart from the crowd.

Shilpika Bagh 

Your gut feelings
will always ‘lead’ you;
only if you pay ‘heed’ to.



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