Wise Pick For 14 November

wise pick 17nov

Sonali Malhotra
The love
that takes
your freedom to live
is not love of a man
but of a beast.

Valencia Ferguson
He who really gives you his heart
will not keep you in a cage.

Nancy Shurkoff
A wolf in disguise,
he uses love to tell you lies.
He keeps you caged
with a heart full of rage.
There you stay,
simply wasting away.

Lisa Dutkiewicz
You can not cage me
with your charm.
I fear that your rage
will do me harm.
You can not pull the wool
over my eyes.
For I do see
you are a wolf in disguise.

Carolyn Smith
To a desperate soul
all is a sweet rose.
Be carful the wolf
doesn’t swallow you whole!

Gretchen Sanchez
I’d rather be a prisoner
and stay out of love,
than accepting your plead
that would laid me to rest.

Ashish Verma
Be wise not to fall prey
by the tempting things
of an ill-intentioned man,
disguised as a gentleman
as his only motive
is to devour you completely.

Sam Titi Pudumo
Some roses are meant
to lure you
out of your safe haven
and into your demise.
Beware little birdy,
not everything
that smiles is your friend.

Divya Tuli Garg
Love at young age,
a lurk to trap you in a cage.
What, seems
like lovely surprise
is nothing
but a wolf in disguise.

Nichole Catherine Lewis
A love to the eye,
but a heartless beast
in disguise.
When you fall
for their games
we become
an innocent prisoner in a cage,
feeling as if
we will never escape.

Sulekha Pande
That’s a wolf disguised
as a suitor,
you’re too young
to realize dear,
don’t come out
of your safe zone,
it’s a dangerous trap
my precious,
wait until you’re
wise and grown.

Emmy Bait
Don’t trust the person
who put you in the cage,
regardless of how nice
that person appears.

Rational Akrofi Akuffo
Be careful
who you willingly risk
your safety for.
You might be his next prey.

A kind gesture
doesn’t ensure
good intentions.
Only self-love
will free your spirit
from the cage of doubt.

Kai Gorenc
Don’t be fooled
by the image of love
that will never
set you free
from the traps of what
your eyes don’t see.

Divya Jain
Think before choosing
to be a prisoner
of the alluring cage
called “LOVE ”

Eliza Smith
You are always free to choose
but you are not free
from the consequences
of your choice.

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