Wise Pick For 14 April


Shilpika Bagh 

When you let others
‘define’ you;
give them the power to
‘confine’ you.

Kris Leitner 

Do not let
the judgments of others
imprison you.

Raunak Roy 

Within the
cage of criticism.

Kamlesh Bhasin 

The worst prison
is being a victim
of your own thoughts.

Ashish Verma 

Violence traps
the sentiments
deep inside
which later gives rise
to hatred.

Stephanie Kendall 

The memories of judgement
and shame
that are projected
persist as a prison
in the mind.

Rinku Shah 

Nothing but the old dictum,
made you feel like a victim.
stop hiding your face
on your knee,
rise and break free.

Dee Kniceley Schartiger 

Many of us are
in a mental prison
brought on by others
voices and opinions.

Sherilyn Campbell 

Don’t cower
in a self-made prison
just because
judging people
point out your mistakes
or shortcomings.

Tris Ish 

The collective psychological abuse
of a child
by those he/she trust
the most.

Phyllis Snider Boyer 

We lose control
of our own private prison
when we allow
the wrong influences
to have the key.

Kristine Jo Kirchner 

Never succumb
to others hate
and judgment
or you will live
in your own prison.

Josh Pyles 

Don’t let the voices
and judgments of others
sentence you
to a mental prison.

Sabine Genau 

Don´t make yourself small,
because it could give
assumed bigger-ones
the opportunity to imprison you.

Debra Pry 

Imprisoned by fear,
and persecuted by judgment.
The past is not a life sentence.
Your power is within.

Jessica Young-Lazo

Never be bullied into silence.
Never allow yourself
to be made a victim.
Face your fears
and wipe your tears.

Marcial Rivera 

A life sentence
of demoralization
with no possibility of parole.
No witness.
No charges.
No judge.
No justice.
now die.

Oril Otares 

Rise up and see
that you have
the power to break free!
It’s all in your mind
and you have the key
to unlock the imprisonment
from the past.

Christina Sajut 

Break free
from the imprisonment
of standardized society.
You are born to be free,
not to be perfect.

Tia Donnelly 

They will always
try to cage you in.
Fly away
when you’re strong enough.

Sam Mbugua 

Do not let
other people’s noise affect you.
Take a stand
for your peace of mind
and reclaim your trampled dignity.


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