Wise Pick For 13 April


Ashish Verma 

A part of my heart
that you hold,
I am setting it free,
leaving myself in cold.

Rinku Shah 

A piece of my heart,
fell apart,
leaving me devastated,
as I endlessly waited.

Felicia Holmes

Two people who share
a broken heart,
suffer knowing
they will always
be missing a part.

Debra Pry 

When the bonds
of love break,
don’t hold your heart hostage.
You’re only breaking
your own heart.

Aarion Moorehead

So close but so far away.
Do I take this leap of faith?
A love longed for;
a love worth the leap.

Jessica Young-Lazo 

two people have to fall apart
to realize how much
they need to fall back together.

Jaymar Harold Valdez 

Once a relationship is broken,
one will stay on top
and one will go down.
Love isn’t always fair.

Lizbeth Morales Padlan 

No matter
how we love each other,
we will drift apart.
It’s not our fate;
it is our destiny.

Marcia Blakely 

Although we are apart,
I have a part of your heart
with me.

Kellie Schoessler-Abrams 

As the pieces start to fall,
we watch it all.
You stand tall,
I bow to the wall

Diana De Wit Nel 

When a soulmate pass away,
so does a piece of your heart.

Shirley Finley 

You can’t break a heart
without some fall out.

Sulekha Pande 

You took away
a piece of my heart
with you.

Sherry Greene 

Standing on an
unstable precipice,
love breaks away.



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