Wise Pick For 11 April


Tommy Belt 

Love weathers all storms.

Debra Pry 

Weather the storms together,
And the light
will shine again.

Nancy Shurkoff 

Love is the sunshine
that gives us strength
to survive life’s storms

Chuqx Olitxz 

No matter the rains or storms;
with love in our hearts,
there would
always be sunshine.

Dr-Payal Basera 

When the skies turn grey
and the night stormy,
it’s only your love
that sparkle
like a sunshine to me.

Michelle McClure 

Always choose love
even in the worst of storms.

Sharon Maree Bosman

Where two souls meet,
the sun always shines

Sherilyn Campbell 

On the grayest days
when life is
raining down on us,
love is all the sunshine
we need.

DorthaKay Brown 

We each have
our own storms,
but together
we can find sunshine.

Donna McCarthy 

Love takes you out
of the darkness
and into the light.

Itali Hernandez 

Don’t let any storm
stop you
from shining together.

Courtney Foster

You’re my sunshine
when skies are grey.

Chanda Hernaez 

But will you love me
on the days
that I don’t know
how to love myself?

Brittany DuVall 

When you go
through the storms
the sun will
always shine brighter.

Syntyche Quinal Nuñez 

Love’s kiss
can turn the storm
into sunshine.

Ceri Lipscombe 

The warmth of the sun,
sometimes doesn’t last

DC Harrison

Our love is sun light
shining bright
through many shades of gray
even on our dark
raining cloudy days.

Jaymar Harold Valdez 

Love will always
be the warmest shelter
that provides genuine comfort.

Debra Rollaine 

Love always chases away
the clouds
and brings out the sun.

Felicia Holmes 

No matter the weather,
you will always be my sunshine.

Liezl Cruz 

Always choose
to Love each other
to surpass
all storms in Life.

Lalita Simon-Creasey 

Storms and clouds
stay temporarily.
Sunshine and love
reign for eternity.


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