Wise Pick For 10 May

Cindy Peer

The inner child
is waiting to be
heard and healed.

Happy Honey

As I grow older,
I master the art
of masking
my true feelings.

Rinku Shah

There is more to me
than you can see.
If you really care,
look beyond
the masks I wear.

Rinku Shah

Like a nesting doll,
within me I hid it all.
A myriad of emotions-
from calm to


They only
see the survivor,
neither the fighter
nor the sufferer in me.

Sherilyn Campbell

The face I
show to the world
does not
necessarily reflect
how I truly feel.

Sarah Kacala

And this is the image
I couldn’t show
to the world.
A terrified, broken
and scared little girl.

Shilpika Bagh

The pain behind
that ‘smile;
is what she has
learned to ‘hide’ .

Felicia Holmes

Shaped by the
many lives
we have lived,
all encompassed
and coexisting
in one body.

Beena Baburajan

these layers,
we will find our real self,
in all it’s
purity and beauty.

Asmiya S

It’s not necessary
to mask yourself
for the outer world
when your wounds
are not
completely healed.

Oril Otares

Smile just
cover the real
person inside.

Robin Graser

You can’t ‘smile’
and go on pretending
everything is okay
when the child inside
of you knows better
and is screaming to be heard.

Kamlesh Bhasin

Behind her
beautiful smile &
calm personality
I explored,
she bore layers
of her painful sufferings.
All hidden
& almost buried
clever fake smile –
never to be revealed
or shown to anyone.


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