Wise Pick For 10 April

 April 13, 2019

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Kris Towlerton 

Love with strings attached.

Kellye Madden Knapp 

Don’t have children
to anchor your relationship.
Let them take it to new heights.

Phyllis Snider Boyer 

A child’s love is a gift
you must earn,
not a possession you control.

Sherry Greene 

Mother, Father,
be aware.
Don’t strangle your child with
what you think is love.
Allow your child
freedom to breathe.

Ashish Verma

This delicate bond of love
has to be nurtured throughout
to keep the love intact forever.

Jolynn Natman 

Two hearts created one heart,
that beats to a different drum.

Joe Kennedy 

Forced love will strangle
a child’s perception
of relationships.

Ken Azi 

Parents have the capability
to harm their children in ways
they can’t even imagine.

Melanie A. Miller 

Be careful not to love
to the point you strangle
the independence from your child.

Shaun Perry 

Staying in a failed relationship
for the sake of a child
can harm more than you think.

Heather Renee Hebert 

Love is a tie that binds,
only after it is
severed by freedom.

Rinku Shah 

When the relationship
between parents is tangled,
love too can make
the child feel strangled.

Susan Vasilakos 

from controlling environments
become puppets on a string.
Don’t stay in a toxic relationship;
you are choking the child’s future.

Archana Gupta 

The kids are
born out of your love.
Don’t try to rule them
as your commodity.
Set them free to become
a better individual.

Vyvienne Chamberlain

The stranglehold
of attachment and possession
rather than real love,
leaves a child with no voice
to express his own needs.


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