Wise Pick For 1 May

Nancy Shurkoff 

Break free
from the chains that bind
and soar away to
peaceful freedom.

Mai Quesada 

Let your wings fly
from what holds you for long.

Felicia Holmes

Peace is the only thing
that sets us free.

Jessica Young-Lazo 

I will break these chains
that bind me,
happiness will find me,
leave the past behind me,
today my life begins.

Mary Kirkpatrick 

A dove as a world symbol
of love and peace,
reminds us to break the chains,
let freedom increase.

Sherilyn Campbell 

Break free from the chains
and soar towards
your true potential.

Nicky Djalilova 

With time I’ll learn to fly free,
from the chains I’ve created
within me.

Rinku Shah 

The shackles that hold you back,
teach you the knack,
to fight and set yourself free.
One two three.

Julia Jubee Burruss 

No chain is ever
strong enough
for those
who have been set free.

Shilpika Bagh 

Anything that ‘binds’ you;
limits you from ‘being’ you.

Äñîtå Sãhóø 

No chains
can tie you down
if you have the will
to soar high.

Lori Ann Cieslinski 

You must realize
you have the power
to turn your chains into wings.

Beena Baburajan 

Unchaining the malady
of limits
into a peaceful melody
of limitlessness.

Maria Ferns 

Unchain yourself
from unwanted bonds.

Sulekha Pande 

The secret to freedom,
lies in the chains,
the desire to struggle,
must not go in vein,
fly and rise high and high,
fly away and touch the sky.

Sherry Greene 

Perhaps your imprisonment
is just a matter of
your own perception.

Donna McCarthy 

Break the
weight of the chains
that held you down and
fly like a Dove
that can’t be bound.

Linda Mansolf 

Let go of the chains
that bind.

Damian Hunter Conn

And the chains broke
and her heart healed.

Kamlesh Bhasin 

Cast the spell to open up
all links of the chain into
peaceful bird to free your soul.


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