Wise Pick For 1 April

Deb Smith

Climbing the wrong ladder
may often bleed you dry.

Nicole Dunham Dickerson

we all have scars
from climbing out of
a time of darkness.

Äñîtå Sãhóø

The path
that is laid with thorns
leads to the golden throne.

Mike Hurrell

Not everything
is at it seems,
perhaps turning
the ladder around
would make it easier.
There are many ways
to solve the same problem

Glen Raymond

Sometime we create
our own pain.
What if you don’t
have to climb this ladder
to get what you want?
What if there
was another way?

Felicia Holmes

Not all ladders
should be climbed.
Especially ones
which only
cause you pain.

Armando Valdez Javellana

When we are
desperate in life,
we don’t really care
how we get there.

Phyllis Snider Boyer

Make sure your goal is worth the pain of the climb.

Rinku Shah
The climb is
full of pain,
Your efforts will
not go in vain.
At the top
there’s a lot to gain.
Till then
try to stay sane!

Teri Kirchhoff

Sometimes we ignore
the warning signs
that were there
every step
toward our mistakes.

Mike Latham

we deliberately
choose pain.
For most people
that is the only way
we can better ourselves.

Suganya Muralidaran

Choose your battles wisely.
Not every battle
is worth fighting!

Debra Pry

Never give up
on your passion.
All the pain,
all the struggles,
will help you
climb higher.

Abzy Jay

Getting to the top
may kill you,
but so will
staying at the bottom.

Vyvienne Chamberlain

Use positive thinking!
Turn the ladder
upside down.

Jackie De Klerk

In order to reach success,
you have to
deal with a little
pain and discomfort.

Wayne J Jefferson

The fall
will be way worse.
Keep climbing.

Ikenna Onwuekwe

To climb the ladder
of success in life,
you must endure
pain and adversity.

Ann Doherty

Choose what route
you take wisely.
Some may be deceiving.
Think before
you spill your blood.

Barbara Bryant Shepherd

The only thing
you can’t fix
is killing yourself
while climbing
the ladder of success.


Asmiya S

Our wants for
more and more
makes us ladder
through distress
to fulfill our desires.

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