Windows Open Forever

Windows Open Forever

Right after birth,

Each of us starts peeping through the windows, this is common to all, then as we grow up

the windows start peeping inside us, and whenever something looks uncomfortable.

We close the window.

Then in opening and closing the window life passes,

Can’t we keep the windows open forever?

Can’t we reconcile between closing and opening windows?

Sometimes usual life seems like dying.

And sometimes even on the bed of death, there is a feeling of extreme liveliness.

Can’t we keep the windows open always?

Does nothing appear in the void or can we observe nothingness which encompasses everything?

Why sometimes some things merge and disappear like stars?

And many times even small things occupy the height of greatness in our lives.

Can’t we peep inside the window?

Can’t we keep the windows open forever?

-By Anand Singh

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