Windowless Planes: A Bird’s Eye View of the World, Coming Soon To A Plane Near You

Windowless Planes A Bird’s Eye View of the World, Coming Soon To A Plane Near You

A Bird’s Eye View of the World, Coming Soon To A Plane Near You

Fighting for a window seat on a plane isn’t new for anyone who has ever taken a flight. You do your best by checking in early, paying extra, trying to win bets with your siblings, etc. etc. Fortunately for us all, technology hardly ever stays stagnant. Whenever we see a problem, we start thinking of ways to circumvent it. In the same way, even though other seats beat window seats by a ratio of 2:1, a time may be coming when every single person on a plane can get a window seat, or at least get the same experience they would get if they were sitting at one.

The view from a plane is always breathtaking. From looking at the glowing lights of civilization from above to flying over the sea to being able to gaze at a brilliantly white canopy of clouds, this is one view that rarely disappoints. Even when it is dark and stormy outside, there is an ethereal and dangerous beauty to the scene. And with Emirates Airline’s latest innovation, soon enough, no one will have to miss out on this amazing sight.

Windowless Planes – A Claustrophobe’s Nightmare Or A Dream Come True?

So how do we ensure that everyone gets a window seat? By removing all the windows of course! As crazy and claustrophobia-inducing as this may sound, this is Emirates’ plan to ensure that everyone can get the full flight experience. Based in Dubai, this airline wipes out the need for windows but allowing fliers to instead look through virtual windows that project the scenery outside in real time.
This feature is only one part of Emirates’ latest first-class cabins for their new Boeing 777-300ER plane. Game changers in every sense of the term, these new cabins come with private suites, sliding doors from the ceiling to the floor and other features built using the most high-end technology available to mankind.

To offset the need for windows, Emirates will now be using fiber optic cameras that project the view outside to the wall in front of the fliers. According to Sir Tim Clark who is the President of Emirates, the image quality is of such good quality that you’ll actually get a better view than if you were looking outside with the naked eye. He looks forward to unveiling a whole new line of aircraft using this technology because it also makes planes weigh less thereby helping them achieve greater speeds and altitudes while also saving on fuel. Just imagine boarding a plane that seems foreboding without any windows only to feel like you have windows everywhere inside!

Sir Clark also believes that safety on planes will be improved if this design becomes the norm. Planes will be completely solid and their structural integrity will not be ruined by windows which actually serve to weaken the structure. Overall expenses for airlines will come down because of the decrease in the amount of fuel required and this, in turn, will lead to cheaper rates for fliers. This is also better for the environment as the carbon footprint of planes will be greatly reduced.

Ever since Emirates announced this feature, it has been discussed all over the world. Other companies are also embracing more futuristic designs. Boeing has come out with a Dreamliner aircraft which has windows much bigger than usually seen in aircraft. Airbus showcased a cabin with transparent walls at the Paris Air Show in 2011. Embraer has built the Kyoto cabin for its Lineage 1000E which has huge windows that run along most of the cabin walls.


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