“I Will Love You Until…” Based On The Zodiac Signs

i will love you until

5. Leo

i will love you until leo

Until you make me look like a fool.

Everything is about Leo as the Sun is the center of our planetary system. It’s quite natural to feel that they are always judged and criticized. They are very protective of their social image and in a relationship, they need to feel appreciated.

Do not insult them – especially about things they feel insecure about – or consider them to be sacred. They will love you until you prove yourself ungrateful for all the things they’ve done for you. Always find something good to say to them. Leos are people who love truth, hence they do know their advantages and their flaws. They just don’t want you – the ones they love – to rub these mistakes on their faces. They want you to be the ones who embrace them because of who they truly are.


6. Virgo

i will love you until virgo

Until you start lying.

They are the children of Mercury – Herms. Masters of truth and criticism. They know what is happening all the time and they are keen observers of human behavior. The moment you start lying to them is the moment you lose them forever.

Virgo can trust anyone and they always come with a heart full of hope. Yet, they are easily hurt. Hence they can easily lose faith to someone, especially if lies are detected at the beginning of a relationship – any relationship. They will love you until you start messing with their heads – making them question every word you say.


7. Libra

i will love you until libra

Until you mess with my peace.

Natural peacemakers and diplomats, they will always look for a way to end quarrels and make Earth a living paradise. If you somehow mess with their “way” of order and beauty you are dead to them.

The Children of Venus – Aphrodite will do anything that is possible to make a relationship last – in the way they want of course. They will not show you directly what they despise but you will start feeling the difference in a subtle way until it’s all over. Never shout at them, stop asking for troubles and mess with their stuff.


8. Scorpio

i will love you until scorpio

Until you start keeping secrets from me.

You don’t wanna mess with them. You truly don’t. Stop asking for troubles then. Come clean to them. They can handle the truth as long as they are sure you don’t keep anything secret from them.

No matter how messed up you are, a Scorpio can truly love you until s/he smells lies and secrets. The key to keeping them forever is, to be honest to yourself and to them. Never try to outsmart them because sooner or later they will find out. And yes, they hold grudges and although they can forgive you, they will never forget it. Why mess with such a truthful relationship?


9. Sagittarius

i will love you until sagittarius

Until you no longer bring me hope.

How do you make the children of Zeus – Jupiter go mad? Well, it’s easy. All you have to do is to make them feel miserable. They can truly love you until you shut the door of optimism for them. If they can no longer wait for something good to happen you are becoming a shadow.

Sagittarius always aims higher and higher and all they want is someone to trust their vision and their integrity. Do not mess with that. If you want to criticize their goals do it in a creative way. Troubled times will come for everyone. You can be sad and you can feel devastated. Don’t make them lose hope though.


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