Why do we hold life too tight when we know everything shall go back like the retreating tide?

Why do we shut the doors upon our hearts when we know this sourness will only wear away ourselves?

Why don’t we let others grow when we know we can still grow together?

Why do we forget the plights of others when we know we shall have the same to suffer?

Why do we judge others easily when we know we can never be perfect absolutely?

Why do we clothe ourselves in layers of hues when we know we are not a single one of them?

Why do we let others dream hope when we can’t fulfill one?

Why do we seek an opinion about others when we know about ourselves too little?

Why do we have someone else’s talks when we know it can lead us nowhere

Why don’t we let others live in peace when we know it is the most sought-after thing?

Why do we forget the gratefulness of others when we were in desperate needs?

Why do we forget to apologize when we know we were only wrong?

Why do we forget to praise someone when we know they deserve it right?

Why do we always procrastinate to understand all these whys?

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