Why all the selfishness and blind hatred


causing much inequality and sorrow,


when we are here today


and then gone tomorrow?




We should instead love and care for one another


because we are in essence all one,


and from the fibers of each and every soul


a seamless weave is being spun.




So if there really is no us


as opposed to them,


who could we take advantage of


and who would we condemn?




Can we then harm another


without also feeling the pain,


how long can we ignore those dark clouds


and that harsh pelting of cold rain?




In every single day, we have a chance


to show kindness, compassion, and respect.


We owe our children an honorable example,


which is an obligation we can’t afford to neglect.




Everything of this world is temporary


and our years here are indeed too few,


we need to try and get the big picture straight


before we must leave, me and you.