Why your own way is the best way

Never pay attention to people who tell you that your ideas and projects are wrong or unobtainable.

How many times has someone let us down when we were telling them our new wonderful prospect? To me, it happened a lot. In my life I’ve found people telling me that I’ll nerver find the job I wish for or even that the course I’ve chosen to follow at univerty isn’t interesting. These irrelevant opinions make me angry. Why are you telling me what I have to do in my life? I would fight to have a job I’d love, and I prefer taking courses that follow my interests than studying math just because someone finds it more advantageous.

Last year I’ve learned about the ‘Law of Attraction’ and its beneficial superpower. That discovery changed my point of view.

In summary, the Law teaches that if we really want something good in our life, we have the power to make it come true.
People always pursuit happiness, but can’t find it because they keep being negative about their life. Happiness, richness, health…they are not something to pursuit. They have to be created by our own actions. If I want to be rich, I’d picture myself being full of money in my brand new car, with my diamond earrings on, enjoing my life as never before. Then, I’d make something that can bring me prosperity. Like playing the lottery or writing a bestseller. Or something. Therefore, I would believe in my own power to change my life.

So, who says I wouldn’t find my dream job or get an A+ following a course no one likes but I love? If I really want it, if I put myself into it, I will be happy and satisfied. And no one should have the power to change that. I am the creator of my own life and no opinion belonging to others must stop me.
The road I decide to travel is the right one, even if it leads me to nowhere or it takes me down once in a while. It is the right one because I created it and I keep creating it everyday, with my choices and dreams. I have the power to change direction every time I want to, so it must be right. It’s mine and no one else’s. So, I would never let others pick turning points for me.
Let’s see where it leads…

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