Why Your Low Back Pain Isn’t Going Away?

Low Back Pain

Imagine we led a pain-free life with no suffering? It could be the best experience as we all know that pains make it hard for us to be productive or even rest. Back pains are widespread and are among the leading cause of disability worldwide. They are also the number one reason why most people miss work frequently.

You may have read a lot and done a lot to get rid of the pain, but it never goes away. You may be on the verge of giving up, but the pain can’t allow you. What are you doing wrong? The following are some of the reasons why that pain is not going away:

You are consuming the wrong foods

Back pain is a condition that you need to heal. Taking the right foods will help a lot during the recovery journey. Eating is not enough, but you also need to ensure that you consume enough. The size of portions will depend on your physical form and the type of activities that you take.

Back pains can be caused by several things, such as muscle strain, inflammation, or even injuries. The ideal foods are those that limit inflammation as it is the common cause of back pains. Some mono-saturated fats such as fish and fish oil and foods rich in omega-3 come in handy when fighting inflammation. Other plants to help ease inflammation are grapes, berries, and carrots. Proteins are also essential to build up new muscles and help in the recovery journey.

You do not rest

Fixing some issues such as back problems is not an overnight thing. You need to give your body enough time to rest for the results to show. Overusing the back muscles is one of the leading causes of back injuries, leading to muscle tear or strain.

Athletes and people that do lots of physical activities are prone to soft contusions, ligament sprains and muscle strains. Such injuries require time and enough rest to heal. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t do any physical activity until you heal. You need some physical activities, but avoid the ones you used to do before you got the injuries. Exercises make your muscles strong, which helps in the recovery journey. Avoid those exercises that are likely to hurt your spine and escalate the pain. You can try exercises such as walking, yoga, or even swimming, depending on the extent of your injuries.

You do not seek professional help

You may have people claim that most back pains go away on their own.  However, you may have waited for months, and the pain does not seem to go away. Exercises and leading an active lifestyle will help ease the pain. You may be using painkillers and over-the-counter medications to help relieve yourself from the pain. Such an approach may eliminate the pain but does not deal with the root cause. It thus means that the chances of such pains coming back are very high.

Some conditions, such as a pinched nerve and lumbar lordosis, demand the attention of an expert. Your back is precious, and you need assurance that you will get out of the examination table feeling better. That can only happen when you consult absolutely the best board-certified back physicians in New York if you want a sustainable solution.

You are not committed

No one enjoys pains, and that is why people are always looking for quick fixes. The healing and rehabilitation process is painful, which calls for commitment. The professional you consult may schedule several visits to fix your problems. Commitment and discipline are essential when you want the pains to go away. For instance, if you have been instructed to take certain foods, you have to commit to it. You may have to adopt a new lifestyle if these pains are to go away for good.

Motivation and your mental health state play a crucial role in rehabilitation. Set some goals and keep your eyes on the price. The pain expert may recommend exercises to help ease the pain. However, you are the one who will commit if you want to see changes. Trying the recommended sleeping positions for back pain and committing to them is also a personal decision.

Dealing with back pains may not be that easy unless you do away with the above mistakes. There are many professionals in this field but ensure that you seek help from a licensed back expert. Analyze the lifestyle changes that you have to make to make the recovery journey swift and successful.

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