Why We Lose Interest in People Who Show Too Much Interest in Us

Why We Lose Interest in People Who Show Too Much Interest in Us

Why do most people lose interest in people who seemingly show a lot of interest in them, and try to make them feel all-important?

Many times or at least one point in life, we have always run after something that we very well know is unattainable. We know that we are just wasting our time or it is never going to work. So, why did we continue to pursue it?

It’s in human nature to long for what we can’t have. When we feel someone is too good for us and is unattainable then our ego-driven minds compel us to give it a shot, try it – own it; it’s like a challenge, a feat we want to accomplish. Like in the movies, one character falls for another who appears to be out of their league. Being in love has merely changed to being in awe of someone. Loving them or being loved is not the goal but making them fall for you and boost your ego, is the ulterior motive.

So, why do people lose interest when someone showers a lot of attention and love on them? Well, experts seem to have cracked that mystery.

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It seems like when someone shows a lot of enthusiasm and interest in being with a person, it is a sign that the relationship has the potential to progress. Now, the more a relationship blossoms, the more serious and intimate it becomes, right? And with intimacy comes a lot of vulnerability. Many people tend to withdraw from a relationship in such a situation because they are petrified of being vulnerable and getting hurt in the process.

Another potential reason for this kind of a predicament is the fact that a lot of people connect chasing someone’s affection and love with having something worthwhile to fight for. It’s like if they don’t work hard for it or pursue it relentlessly, then it’s not worth having.

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Also, people tend to lose interest in such situations if the other person comes across as someone emotionally dependent or desperate. For example, if you send 5 texts in one minute, you might come across as someone over-eager and who doesn’t have anything better to do with their time.

Now, this reason might seem a bit ludicrous but it is a big potential factor. Many people tend to chase people who are better than them, in order to have the “perfect” children. Human nature makes us go for people who we think are strong, intelligent and able. From a biological point of view, it makes perfect sense that we would want someone who is better than us in every aspect.

We want a partner with greater worth than ourselves. This insecurity messes things up and always gets in the way of happiness. When someone likes us too much we think they are flawed and have less value. When someone likes us just enough, we think they have equal value. But when someone doesn’t reciprocate at all, we suddenly see a future with them. Weird, isn’t it?

If you take a deeper look into this, you will realize that most of the time, such people suffer from a humongous amount of self-doubt and inferiority complex. They feel that they are not worthy of love, and do not deserve to have it in their lives. A thought like “How can you like someone so insignificant, imperfect and unimportant like me?” Keep in mind that this is not the truth, it is something that they believe about themselves.

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  1. It is such a paradox, just like anything in life. If everyone stop getting interested in the unattainable, then there won’t be anyone interested in us either, to whom we could give chance to. And the one the ideal one, for whom people are after, if s/he is reading it, their ego is going to burst actually.

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