Why we Argue in Relationship and How to Handle It

Secure the relationship first, not yourself

Mind is a trickster. We would not even come to know what all thoughts it’s cultivating in our heads. We don’t realize when those arguments come up in our lives and how we, instead of restoring the relationships, focus on securing points in arguments.

No one contemplates when they put their love behind an argument – or discussion as we usually term it. That is the downfall of a relationship when love becomes secondary.

When we argue either we blame each other and make the situation worse or put up resistance in ourselves, which is like delaying the situation to be worse. Both of these reactions bring disaster.

How many times have you regretted after making a spiteful statement? You ought not to put resistance or blame yourself either. It will decimate the love.

Handle arguments like happy couples

Happy couples know an argument over a minor issue is not more important than their relationships. Sometimes arguments just happen, but they never mind those statements made out of anger. Anything good or bad emerges from arguments should be left behind with the arguments.

Recognizing the fact that making nasty statements hurt not only our partners but it inflicts us more and it is detrimental to our relationships.

Take your relationship on a new track, where you can walk together hand in hand. Recall your love. Advise your partner: it’s going to hurt him more than it can ever do to you. So many efforts you would have had made to be together, and you cannot end it like that now.

As per research, if we show understanding and kindness in our relationships, we would have better chances for taking our relationships to its ultimate destiny. Fight, but never let fights to overtake relationship. This intrinsic mannerism comes when couples put each other’s needs above their own.

Understanding where we need to draw the line that we’re forbidden to cross will rejuvenate our relationships – A little gap is the perfect measure as to make two hearts into one entity.

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