Why use your family as a punching bag

Why use your family as a punching bag
Rinku Shah

Why use your family
as a punching bag?
End the relationship
when it becomes a burden to drag.
A loveless marriage is a curse,
Making it work, even worse!

Karthik Parthasarathy

Using the meek and the weak,
To prove you are mighty,
As hollow and shallow as it can get,
For humans, For nations as well.

Sherry Greene

He thinks his power comes
From his hold upon the meek
But his power will be fleeting
And he will,
in turn, become weak

Rinku Shah

Real strength is in
empowering the weak,
Not bashing and abusing the meek!
Try love and not power,
Prevent relationships
from turning sour!

Sulekha Pande

Hitting the weak,
abusing the meek,
is a sureshot sign,
of a scared soul,
who is morally decayed
and inherently weak….

Karen MacLeod

The stronghold of abuse.

NC Flow

Your family isn’t a trophy
of your cruelty.

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Krei Krei

John Ford Iodemer remember this

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