Intuition – What it is and Can You Trust it?

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The body is a great barometer of truth because it does not know how to lie. It will always give honest feedback on what you really want. You can mentally rationalize, but your body cannot. What do you feel? Relaxed, relieved, or peaceful? Then your answer is probably yes. Or does your body feel tense, anxious or distressed? If so, you’re being told that the solution you are considering is not the right one.

If you are still unsure, imagine going forward to implementing each answer. With your imagination engaged, you will get immediate intuitive feedback. By imaging the new scenario, the body will actually feel it because it does not know the difference between what is real and what is made up. Visualize doing solution one. Move into it. How do you feel with each step? Are you fearful yet excited or do you feel dread and repulsion? Each feeling is an intuitive guide. Go through each possibility and you will know what is best.

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” – Albert Einstein

Take time to reference if your reactions are fear or love (intuition) driven. Remember, fear feels heavy and restrictive. If you notice that feeling, give yourself time to figure out what you are afraid of. In other words, explore the fear. It is possible the initial fear is not the real fear. By getting to know your fear, you also learn more about yourself.

All fear is irrational. Yet, exploring it may help you let it go. To say this differently, the only valid fear is when your life is endangered, like being chased by a bear. More than likely, the fear you feel is a remnant from the past and not really relevant to your situation.

Other fears might relate to being embarrassed or failing at a task or someone not liking you. These are the fears that keep you stuck and must be acted on. We are human beings having a learning experience. Listening to your intuition will help you learn.


Life is a process and not a destination. When it feels right, walk through the fear and become free. As you use these tools you will create a strong connection to your intuition and your life will flow more easily, you will have more clarity and joy.

Written by Jean Walters
Jean Walters is a spiritual guide and assists clients in finding their path in life and achieving clarity. Jean Walters is available for consultations regarding personal empowerment, becoming unstuck, finding your purpose and passion, healing from past experiences. You can reach her at or 314 991 8439
Originally appeared in Spiritual Transformation1

Trust yourself, trust your intuition

“Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.” – Dr. Jonas Salk

Your intuition is your instant response and understanding of the present moment. You don’t need to take advice from others or over-analyze it. You just have this feeling inside about what you know. Your gut instinct is a unique sensation that occurs within you which you can’t explain to anyone. This feeling is so personal that only you can decide if you should trust your intuition and determine its authenticity, value and reliability. Only you can make this decision. After all, when you trust your intuition, you trust yourself.

Trust Your Intuition
Why You Should Understand and Trust Your Intuition
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