Why Strong Women Have More Anxiety and 5 Ways They Can Cope

women have more anxiety

Secondly, strong women are smarter. Why do I say that? Because it takes a level of intelligence to pursue strength. Surviving something is not the same as becoming strong. Becoming strong is a purposeful journey. We have to work through the mind’s natural inclination to acquiesce to life’s burdens. So, strong women are smarter, and guess what? The higher your IQ, the more you are likely to experience anxious feeling

It really is true that ignorance is bliss. If you don’t understand all the possible ways that something can go wrong, you are going to be considerably less stressed than someone who is quite aware.

So anxiety is not a weakness, it can actually be a byproduct of strength. Your anxiety is also a not a deficit in your faith, but is a byproduct of allowing stress in the door.

Tools To Cope With Anxiety

Now we understand the flip side to strength can be anxiety, but the light in this tunnel is that we also have the mental capacity and strength to tackle it just like we do all the other things in our lives.

1. There’s a great app called Headspace.

I have used it and my clients have been raving about it.
I highly suggest it for helping to tackle anxiety. 

2. Worry productively.

Part of being a strong woman is having some wisdom. Wisdom sees the big picture. Looking ahead can cause worry. Looking behind caused depression. When I speak to strong women about staying in the moment, I often get the push back. “Well, I have to plan. I have to see ahead. I need to plan for what might happen.” And they are right. Yes, you do. But we often mislabel worrying for planning. 

A Day Of Worry Is More Exhausting, Than A Day Of Work
Why Strong Women Have More Anxiety and 5 Ways They Can Cope

Planning is not the problem. It’s a worry. What we often do is come up with all the possible horror story scenarios and we never resolve them in our minds, and that causes anxiety. If you are going to plan for all possible outcomes, then you must also take the time to plan the resolution of those outcomes. If this happens: this will be my plan of action. That is productive worrying. My next tip is:

3. When you are feeling overwhelmed, you must enlist help.

Create a mantra for yourself: ‘done is better than perfect, perfect doesn’t exist’.
Repeat that please, because good enough can be amazing.

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4.  Exercise daily and do progressive muscle relaxation exercises daily.

Lay on the bed or couch- you can do it in a chair at work if necessary. Identify a muscle group like your arm or leg.
Tighten it as tight as you can get it and hold for 10 seconds, then release. Do this all over your body once or twice.
It helps to relieve tension held in your body.

5.  Never avoid your fears.

This actually grows them. Confront them, while minimize unnecessary triggers like watching the news. 

Anxiety can get the best of any of us. Recognize it for what it is, enlist the help of others, and practice tools to take care of yourself. 

You’ve got this!

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Written by: Dr. Zoe Shaw
Originally appeared on: Drzoeshaw.com
Republished with permission
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Why Strong Women Have More Anxiety and 5 Ways They Can Cope
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Why Strong Women Have More Anxiety and 5 Ways They Can Cope
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