Why Stress Over Something You Can’t Change

Why Stress Over Something You Can't Change

Why stress over something you can’t change?

Isn’t it better to accept it – the way it is?

Or just to move on…


3 thoughts on “Why Stress Over Something You Can’t Change”

  1. Agree on the things we can't change, but the problem in that saying….. We can make a change. And it's high time we all stood up and make that change. I'm referring to the way of life under governing laws. That's where most stress starts.

  2. Question is too open for absolute answers~
    Personal struggles & bad experiences or flaws within our nature= radical acceptance with realistic understanding is a good/healthy thing.
    Relationships & the others not willing to compromise towards a required changes for basic needs/wants for both.. and unhappy= accepting less than you deserve is slowly poisoning Yourself & will cause self harm/grief sooner or later~ choice is always ours!

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