Why We Stay In The Wrong Relationships? 4 Reasons According To Experts

stay in the wrong relationships

4. We Don’t Think We Deserve To Be Happy.

The cost is our happiness – living a life and a love less than we deserve. And therein lies the deepest issue. “In some cases, individuals remain in bad relationships because they feel that they don’t deserve a good relationship,” says Dr. Manly. Life experiences have left us feeling broken or unlovable, causing us to accept a relationship we know is wrong.

And it only perpetuates the cycle. “It is a reality that being in an unhappy relationship has a strong negative effect on self-esteem,” says Aaron. “Many partners do not feel valuable enough to attract another or confident enough to handle a solitary life.” It becomes a cycle – subconscious sabotage on repeat.

But once we see the cycle, we can break it.

But we do.

Because we always have a choice. We can choose to let our fears and insecurities hold us back from the happiness we deserve, or we can fight to overcome them.

When it comes to leaving an unhappy relationship, “most critical is the person’s level of internal strength,” says Dr. Manly. We must build the muscle to push through our fears, the endurance to withstand all the change and the knowledge that choosing ourselves is never a failure.

The way out of a wrong relationship is to right our mind. To understand we will only find happiness with another when we choose happiness for ourselves.

Written By Kacie Main
Originally Appeared In Thought Catalog
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