Why Nice Guys Stay Single

Some women genuinely seek out jerks. Some men do this, too. That’s because they’re playing out childhood trauma, acting out past hurts and confusions to try to make sense of them. It’s not because all women want, need or love jerks.

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We don’t.

We want guys who are nice. But we need them to be more than that. We need men who aren’t afraid to stand in their power with us. Who are brave enough to cast off the trappings of nice, be authentic, be imperfect, have needs, and share those needs with us. Men who are brave enough to stop hiding behind nice, and show us who they really are.

If you can do that, you’ve got me. You’ve got the girl. And she’ll never let you go.

If you want to know more about why nice guys stay single, then check out this fun video below:

By Kathryn Hogan

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Why Nice Guys Stay Single
Why Nice Guys Stay Single

Why Nice Guys Stay Single
Why Nice Guys Stay Single

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