This Is Why You Should Never Chase A Man

 December 18, 2017

This Is Why You Should ever Chase A Man

Sister, it’s time to reprogram your dating computer. You ARE the SELECTOR. He IS the PURSUER.

His job is to court you, woo you, impress you and convince YOU that he is the absolute best man for you. 

Your job is to be charming, receptive and appreciative of his gentlemanly efforts, while you are deciding if HE is worthy of your attention, love and commitment.

If you believe you ARE the prize, he will sense your confidence and self-worth and he will work double-time to win your favor. But don’t play coy or hard-to-get because he’ll think you’re a snob or that you’re not interested in him and he will drift away.

Written By Nancy Nichols

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Printed with Permission

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