Why Narcissists Ruin the Holidays

 October 18, 2018

Why Narcissists Ruin the Holidays

A good rule of thumb is to always remember that new supply always trumps old supply. New supply turns on the narcissist’s laser focus and obsessive attention. There is no way old supply can compete. It doesn’t mean they’re better – it means they’re newer/unconquered. So if you get that text on New Year’s Eve, after you’ve turned down everyone else’s offer, this is likely what’s happened.


4) Misery is Their Default Setting:

Miserable people create miserable energy and environments everywhere they go. They are dark people, who project their feelings onto other people. Ruining another’s joy is like a trophy for them. It makes them feel important and powerful. If they believe the holidays are foolish and irrelevant, they don’t care that they mean something to you. Your opinions are usually irrelevant unless of course, you carry the same opinion as they do.

Only seriously disturbed and twisted people ruin events for other people and suck the joy out of life. I’ve learned a long time ago that if I couldn’t depend on someone 100% that was my cue to leave them behind. Life is so much easier when you know you can trust someone to keep their word.

It’s important that you understand that Narcissists cannot be trusted or depended upon. They feel extremely uncomfortable if you rely on them for anything and will almost always disappoint. It’s their nature. Understand this point. Hoping or expecting them to go against their nature is when you suffer. Know what you’re dealing with, understand the behavior and opt out. Eliminate anyone you can’t trust or depend on. It makes life and the holidays so much more peaceful and enjoyable and it means more wine for you!

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Written by Savannah Grey
Post originally appeared on Esteemology.com,
Printed with permission

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