Why Narcissists Act the Way They Do

why narcissists act the way they do

4. Aggression

Aggression is used to create safety by pushing people away. Narcissists see the world as hostile and threatening, and they move against people aggressively, both in word and behavior. This can lead to narcissistic abuse.

Vindictive narcissists retaliate in order to reverse feelings of humiliation and restore their pride by defeating their offender.

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5. Envy

Narcissists must be the best. They can’t take pleasure in someone else’s success. If someone else has what they want, it makes them feel inferior. Life is a zero-sum game.

Competitive narcissists are not only envious of people who have what they want; they may react vengefully to bring them down, especially if they feel threatened. They are often envious and competitive with their children.

Understanding who you’re dealing with is very helpful, but finding out what you can do is more important. If you love a narcissist, the exercises and strategies in Dealing with them can give you clarity about how to get your needs met and how to evaluate whether to stay in the relationship.

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why narcissist do as they do pin
why narcissists act the way they do
why narcissists act the way they do pin
why narcissists act the way they do
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