5 Reasons Why Narcissistic People Love to Ruin Birthdays and Holidays

Narcissistic People Love Ruin Birthdays

4. Narcissists love misery

It’s like their default setting. They thrive in misery. Hence, when they find an environment that is full of love, joy and positivity, they try their best to make it miserable. These are toxic individuals who spread their toxic energy to others and make the happiest of environments miserable. Destroying your happiness is like winning the Nobel Prize for them.

5. New source of narcissistic supply

This is the reason why narcissistic people often cancel dates or holiday plans at the last moment. Although they may have enough narcissistic supply, yet alternate and new supply makes them feel thrilled and excited. These are newer and unconquered they need to reign over. So when you find yourself excited about a particular event or occasion, the narcissist will jump in at the last moment to ruin it for you. They simply love setting your up expectations and then disappointing you. 

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