Why Are Narcissists So Dangerous?

 February 19, 2017

Why Are Narcissists So Dangerous?

Holly: They believe their own lies. That makes them very believable to others.

Jean: I trusted. I believed the charm. I was raised to be a perfect victim. My soul was murdered. Manipulation, lies, greed etc all takes a toll.

Heidi:   They are dangerous because of the MASK they wear – their charm hides it so well leaving you stunned and immobile once he removes it and you see the true person…you can’t tell a narc from a decent human while wearing it….very dangerous:
Marilyn: Predatorial. Interpersonally exploitative. They aren’t the scary boogie man in the bush. They are in your BED!! They bait the trap with LOVE. They use “happily ever after” to draw you into striking distance.
They have NO compunction….there is NOTHING they won’t say….NOTHING they won’t do to GET what they crave. They will fake cancer, euthanize pets. put arsenic in your morning coffee and kiss you and tell you they love you as they watch you drink it.

You’d expect such treachery from an enemy….not a lover. The cognitive dissonance of the cocktail of love and loathing makes you bleed out your ears from trying to figure out what’s happening to you.

I used to know a little developmentally disabled girl. She used look at you with beautiful pleading blue eyes….reach her arms out to you for a hug….her face would get sweet like puss n boots in a scene from SHREK. It was almost impossible to say no. …how could you say no?

Many hugged her unawares…..only to find themselves suddenly locked in the grip of her astoundingly powerful arms with her sharp teeth buried deep in the flesh of their shoulder.

That’s what a narc does…draws you in as you expect something wonderful and loving only to be blindsided by a bewildering attack.  ROMANTIC AMBUSH!!

Gosselin: Selfish, egotistical, evil, cruel, lying, abusive, tyrant!
Misa:  insane

Dorie: Sneaky and calculating

Aire: That they can seem very emotional but they can only feel empathy with themselves. Or someone distant they are talking about. Sometimes they can seem to show support but only cause they Will need that person later on or wants to build up a good reputation as the “sweetest person in the world”.. When it really matters they can be cruel, so cruel you wouldn’t believe it when it happens.

Judith: predatory, vicious, narcissistic, bloodless … Boneless, void of any soul – the Antichrist of all Demons

Lori:  pure evil
Megs:  Compulsive liar and a thief
Kim: Relentless.
Cinnamon:  STAY~CLEAR!!! “IT” only gets “WORSE”!!!……………..4 “YOU”!!!~~~
Diana:  Demon possessed scumbags.
Cathy:  Self-absorbed
Lola:  Mental abusers

Shawna: ALIEN!

Chris:   Zero Insight Zero Empathy, not a good combo

Rowena:  Con artists x
Susan:  Raging monster!
Carl:  Credible, plausible, manipulative and to top it all off superficially friendly, calm and decent. That makes them always look like the innocent party and their victim as whatever they want to paint them out to be… until the mask comes off and then wait for the “I’m so sorry we doubted you, we never guessed s/he could be like that” from those that initially thought you were just slagging him/her off or exaggerating. The true enablers will simply refuse to see the truth in front of them though no matter what, because they WANT to believe in the narcissist.
Debbi:  evil
Jacky: Diabolical predators!

Stephanie:  Pathological liars, victims themselves, hollow eyed monsters, arrogant, bore easily, always doing something radical (buying selling crap, change of jobs), always find negative in everybody, backstabbers, suck in bed, feel they earned the sense of entitlement to treat partners, kids, friends etc. poorly, only think of themselves, will never admit their wrong, try to isolate you, turn you away from your friends/family, controlling, weak, and again pathological liars. It’s kind of fun going to Facebook pages because they’re easy to identify – pictures of themselves always posing, doing something exciting, rarely comment on other’s post unless it’s sarcastic or over the top intellectual and basically attention grabbing. They are hyenas because they are the most toxic animal on the face of the planet. Toxic because they are fakes, people don’t see their true colors until they are eaten alive.

Susan:  Pathological Planners with Destructive Intent

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  1. No one is off limits. Not even family. They will do anything to get what they want, even if it involves taking someone’s life. Ive seen the eyes go completely black in a rage. Pure evil. Dangerous. Be Severly Cautious. These People Are Sick and should be locked up.

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