Why Are Narcissists So Dangerous?


The general populous will feel fear when a serial killer’s m.o. is displayed on nightly television. They’ll see the lack of empathy quite clearly and realize that there is something seriously wrong with those people and be aghast over how heartless someone can behave towards another human being.

Targets live this reality up close and personal every single day. We see the danger firsthand, we live it.

We don’t suddenly wake up one day and say, “You know, Im going to be a zealot about narcissism. I want to pick on these lovely people because I’m mad at them.

If someone is selling themselves this delusional bit of goods, they are surely held captive by the narcissists delusions. We are zealous about getting the word out there about this disorder and this abuse because we’ve all been burnt by the danger of a narcissist’s disorder.

Not just “touched” with a match slightly burnt but our houses, our lives, our souls, our identities, our relationships, our values, our trust, our world views have been torched to the ground in an aggressive act of intentional arson.

Although we are the star and credible witness to this crime and have the information that will put this criminal away for years so that someone else doesn’t suffer the same atrocity, no one believes it or cares enough that they step in to listen or help us.

Since we cannot hold a narcissist accountable, we can make good use of our effort to enlighten and educate others who are vulnerable to this abuse and be the support to other targets whose abuse has been ignored and invalidated by others who have a problem recognizing their danger.

It’s been said that more is learned about the narcissist through what their former targets have to say about them than anything they could say about themselves:

Christine: unrealistic sense of entitlement very high ego superficial and vein no conscience no empathy no sense of boundaries no guilt no remorse : terrible evil sick twisted fucked up monsters, rude and very arrogant not human.starts smears campaigns and spreads lies and half truths behind their victims back and all those who stand in the way of their evil plans. the narc/sociopath prince/princess.

Suzanna: Their ability to appear to others as the epitome of charm, love, and compassion, and only their victims see the real side to them.

Hula: The Devil.

Lynne: They will do whatever it takes to get what they want. If they don’t achieve it, they will destroy everything in their path, even children and family. They reinvent history to suit their needs and destroy decent people.

Kaye:  Cunning, insidious, remorseless, selfish, abusive, liar, phoney, taker, manipulator, entitled, deranged, attention seeking,

Doug: Insecure and filled with pain.

Ellen: Unconcerned about his trail of emotional wreckage,totally self-absorbed with his own gratification, clueless and dismissive as to the after-effects on those he discards

How Lynne:  Empty – they are empty bags of misery to themselves and those around them. You can spend a life trying to fill them and enough love and patience simply does not exist. They drag those around them into their own private abyss and swear that darkness isn’t dark.

Marinky:  Toxic, everything he/she touches is destroyed, lack of remorse, lack of responsibility, double even triple personalities, pathological liar, manipulative and controlling, lack of boundaries and empathy, too much self-absorbed and self-entitlement, backstabber, gossiper.


  1. No one is off limits. Not even family. They will do anything to get what they want, even if it involves taking someone’s life. Ive seen the eyes go completely black in a rage. Pure evil. Dangerous. Be Severly Cautious. These People Are Sick and should be locked up.