Why Are Narcissists So Dangerous For Us?

Why Narcissists So Dangerous For Us

How this is dangerous for us –

Sense of entitlement is dangerous in a narcissist because they will steal, lie, cheat to get what they feel should be theirs, they take what they want without any concern for who they screw. Narcissist are dangerous because they are very good at tricking victims to get supply from them – money, sex, admiration.

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5) Magical thinking –

They see themselves as perfect, and that they have the ultimate knowledge about everything by manipulating and exploiting others, then rationalizing their actions to shirk responsibility or blame others. They like to play God.

How this is dangerous for us –

Narcissists with magical thinking are so dangerous because they are divorced from reality. Logic , reasoning and common sense do not exist inside the mind of an emotionally disturbed and sick individual with personality disorder.

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Narcissists are unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others, they are incapable of self reflection.Malignant narcissists are experts at betraying people, they feel no empathy towards others and no remorse for their evil deeds. They are masters of hurting others and striking at their emotional wounds and  can very easily make others feel worthless using words.

They don’t care how their actions affect others or if another person is going through a hard time.

According to Eslinger, P. J. (1998). The cognitive functioning necessary for empathy, such as the ability to role-play or take another person’s perspective, occurs in a different location of the brain than the emotional aspects of empathy, like sensitivity to what another person is feeling or experiencing.

According to Bilotta, E., Carcione, A. et. al (2018) Interpersonally, where someone with narcissistic traits experiences helplessness or vulnerability, they are likely to withhold an emphatic response automatically, appearing cold-hearted or as refusing to take responsibility for hurtful behaviour.

How this is dangerous for us –

Narcissists are so dangerous for us because they can sleep at night knowing they have intentionally hurt you and they show zero remorse. Often by watching people many narcissists learn how to fake their true feelings and they tend to figure out the correct response of that situation.

Narcissists are so dangerous because they are often proudly shameless, not bound emotionally,they tend to take a lot of forms in  order to exploit others. If one makes any mistake in a relationship then they might devalue you which means simply cut all connections with them.

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Don’t try to fight a war that you can’t win with a narcissist,because they do not care about anyone but themselves.We are in a technologically advanced world, there are a lot of ways through which we can get to know more about  them and we can understand the red flags in one’s personality.

Every word phrase or statement from a narcissist’s so-called truth is only said in the moment . all of their efforts , no matter what, only represent an investment designed to satisfy their agenda.

Narcissists are dangerous because they are so cold, cruel and gruesome at times, one can feel traumatized. Narcissists are dangerous as they are big in gaslighting us in an attempt to disorient and confuse us. If you find yourself doubting your own memory, perception and sanity you need to stop and step away from the narcissist.

Why Are Narcissists Dangerous
Why Are Narcissists So Dangerous For Us

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